Certification Consultation from Carbon 6

LEED     —     SITES     —     WELL

Carbon 6 Design supports three of the major industry standards for sustainable design.
Each of these certification programs has been created to advance sustainability in building environment including Architecture, Landscape Architecture and interiors. The results of utilizing any of these certification include:

  • Accountability of performance
  • Higher value efficiency
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Healthier occupants due to improved indoor conditions
  • Increased productivity from staff
  • Certified branding to increase resale value


Carbon 6 Design can be your intermediary between building design and reaching these building standards.   Carbon 6 understands the requirements and can work with designers at all stages to ensure that the guidelines for these certifications are planned into building concepts before they’re presented (so there are no surprises or added fees should adjustments need to be made at a later date).  Furthermore we keep up on the changes in these requirements and ensure your building plans are up to date for certification.

Call Carbon 6 for a Free Initial Conslutation: 574-707-7075

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    Walls and Hygrothermal Analysis

    Carbon 6 can provide the latest thinking on efficient building design through proper wall and air flow resulting in years of comfort and savings.

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    Visualization and Renderings

    Schematic Design Leadership Wall Assembly Hygrothermal Analysis LEED, SITES, WELL + 2030 Challenge Documentation Visualization and Renderings.

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    Schematic Design Leadership

    Carbon 6’s primary purpose is to help you set a plan for your new building to be sustainable and efficient while still meeting your production parameters.