Schematic Design Leadership from Carbon 6


Every sustainable design project needs a “champion.”  Someone who truly believes that the end results outweigh the additional efforts it takes to achieve them.  As an outside resource with a focus on environmentally friendly design Carbon 6 can provide the kind of leadership and consultation required to start your project off on the right foot.

Carbon 6 can provide schematic designs that minimizing energy, water usage and costs. It is within the ‘Schematic’ portion of the project timeline where some of the most critical and influential design decisions are made by the project team. With that understanding, Carbon 6 utilizes the weight of this project phase to critically determine and analyze the opportunities and barriers of the project.

Once analysis is complete, we determine efficient and resourceful means to overcome those barriers or capture those opportunities. Carbon 6 can expand the potential of your project and provide you with Schematic Design Leadership consulting in your next project. Many packages, depending on the requirements of your project, are available for selection.

Key ingredients of the schematic can include:

  • solar studies
  • hygrothermal analysis,
  • proposed wall assemblies,
  • COM-check

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    Walls and Hygrothermal Analysis

    Carbon 6 can provide the latest thinking on efficient building design through proper wall and air flow resulting in years of comfort and savings.

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    Visualization and Renderings

    Schematic Design Leadership  Wall Assembly Hygrothermal Analysis  LEED, SITES, WELL + 2030 Challenge Documentation  Visualization and Renderings.

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    Certification Consultation

    Sustainable certification can add significant value to your building and make it more attractive to buyers, today and in the future.