Visualization and Renderings from Carbon 6

When discussing the option with clients, bring it up during times where aesthetic challenges are slowing down progress. In addition, when marketing/holding an event/grand opening sell as a marketing piece. Great piece to add into packages.

Today’s architect has to be a salesman
in addition to completing the many other aspects of their role. In today’s visually oriented business world, decisions are often influenced by renderings of massing option, program ideas and other design concepts. Great visualizations assist in communicating your well constructed concept and will be far more effective than a simple program export.


Getting a realistic feel of any type of design can be helpful throughout the project timeline. Whether it’s during the schematic design phase to determine massing orientation and material options, or during the CD phase more marketing purposes, sell the project to your client or the public with the help Carbon 6 and the variety of 3D visualization services we can provide – for existing and non-existing models.

Projects include:

  • 3D visualizations
  • Modeling
  • 2D drawings and schematics
  • Hand Sketching
  • Diagramming
  • Animations

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    Walls and Hygrothermal Analysis

    Carbon 6 can provide the latest thinking on efficient building design through proper wall and air flow resulting in years of comfort and savings.

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    Schematic Design Leadership

    Carbon 6’s primary purpose is to help you set a plan for your new building to be sustainable and efficient while still meeting your production parameters.

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    Certification Consultation

    Sustainable certification can add significant value to your building and make it more attractive to buyers, today and in the future.