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We hope you’ll count on Carbon 6 as your one-stop-shop for not only sustainable design consulting, but design documentation support as well. Our goal is to be your partner on every project and to provide you with support as needed. Listed below are our most popular services, but we can also help with much more. We are trusted by firms throughout the state of Indiana and hope to gain your trust now. Contact us for assistance on your current or next project.

Schematic Design Leadership

As a Performance-Driven Design Leader Carbon 6 provides the assistance you need to begin shaping your project. We begin by establishing the Owner Project Requirements to ensure the priorities of the project come through in the final design. Following, our team will provide (or coordinate with your Architect to provide) optimal building footprints, layouts, and massing options. Upon request, our team will also facilitate a Design Charrette to ensure all team members are on the same page and understand the project priorities. Contact us for more details

COMcheck Completion

Ensure your project meets the state’s energy code performance requirements by using Carbon 6 to complete your COMcheck. With the use of your model, our team can determine if your building envelope is code compliant or recommend an alternative assembly if it fails to pass code. The 2010 Indiana Energy Conservation Code has been readopted through January 1, 2025, which means your next commercial project must pass the state’s minimum energy performance requirements.

Green Building Certification

We can provide the expertise you need to begin and complete the proper documentation for the most common sustainable design certifications.  Use Carbon 6 to complete your LEED, SITES, WELL applications and walk you through the approval process.  Using our consultation on this process can save you both time and money on your project.

Visualization and Renderings

Need help producing specialized design concepts and new ideas?  Use Carbon 6’s Visualization and Rendering services to complete the task.  We can manage most any design project and can provide additional advice and consultation on presenting sustainable design concepts.  We’re like having extra staff on hand when you need the assistance.

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Carbon 6 Service Goals

Express our Interest in You

Sincerely, the Carbon 6 team does what they do because they enjoy it. We all want to help make your next project the best it can be – economically, socially and environmentally.

Understand Your Needs

Our team wants to deliver exactly what you want – nothing less. If we can’t provide a service, we’ll bring in the necessary support to ensure your project gets the attention and answers it needs.

Build A Relationship

The best way for us to determine your project’s requirements is to get to know your business and your people. We think this aspect is crucial to understanding how we can serve you currently and how we can serve you in the future.

Embrace Flexibility

We understand that this process is stressful. There will be some bumps along the way and that’s okay. We know the importance and value of adaptation and will embrace changes with a smile on our face.

Add Value

The intricacies of performance-driven design makes our role in your project essential and the last thing you need is a service provider that can’t solve their own problems. We have the experience and the knowledge you can trust.